That Needed Push

“Bakit ang kukulit ninyong mga insurance agents?”

Sounds familiar, right?

Yup, we often get this complaint from other people.

I’m no expert, but I will try to explain why.

Nature of the Job

First of all, insurance agents are sales people. Being persistent and pushy comes with any sales job. Sales people keep the business running; they are the driving force of every company, whether big or small.

The sales quota is also part of the job. They go hand-in-hand. The quota keeps the sales people focused on performing their jobs. The sales commissions and incentives motivate the sales people to hit their goals.

So is it all about the money?

Insurance agents also have their own family to feed and personal dreams to fulfill.

But NO, this is not all about the money.

Selling a Piece of Paper

We sell life insurance products.

We give our client a piece of paper that says “when the buyer dies, the family left behind will receive money so they can continue to live.”

It may just be a piece of paper, but it contains a loving promise to your family that we intend to keep.

Remember this: A life insurance plan cannot prevent the death of the buyer

But you know what it can prevent?

Lifestyle downgrade, starvation, pile of debts, and financial trouble. All of which can happen to a family who has suddenly lost their income provider.

Racing Against the Enemies

Going back to the original question of why insurance agents are so pushy, it all boils down to this fact: We don’t know when and where Death will strike any one of us.

All insurance agents are up against the biggest enemies:. Sickness, Accident, and Death. SAD events indeed.

These enemies strike when you least expect it. They’re mean. They’re cruel.

We don’t want these SAD events to arrive at your doorstep BEFORE we do. We want you to sign that piece of contract and ensure that money will be delivered for your family should the unexpected happen.

So excuse us for being so makulit and unbelievably annoying at times; We just want to save your family.

Is that being rude?

Too Late

Just this week, I saw on my Facebook feed two depressing stories from my fellow Sun Life Financial Advisors.

Ms. Deedee shared that a lady lawyer from her corporate account suddenly died and she had no insurance policy. But she was already planning on getting one, but would have to wait three more months. That day never came, because she was gone before she could make herself available to Ms. Deedee.

Another one, Ms. Karleen, shared that she received a text message informing her that one of her clients died all of a sudden. Unfortunately, this client stopped paying for his insurance premium and his policy lapsed. He was too busy to meet up with Karleen to have his policy reinstated. And now, it’s too late.

Both Advisors were heartbroken.  Both of them questioned themselves if they had been less persistent than needed… if they failed to do their job.

If only they had been more makulit, things could have turned out differently.

They could have delivered a cheque to the family.

No, these Advisors were not to be blamed for what happened. They did what they could.

This morning, my husband told me one of his customers died. He’s not sure if he’s insured. But all of the money of their business are under his account name. The family needs to settle his estate taxes first before they can make any withdrawals. The question is: do they have extra funds to settle the estate tax? A life insurance policy could have easily addressed that concern.

Stories like these do happen every day. That is why insurance agents pursue prospects and clients like there’s no more tomorrow.

Who knows? There could really be none.

So please, do not delay signing up for that insurance policy. Meet with your super kulit agent as soon as possible.

Your family can thank you later.



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